“Nowadays people seem to imagine that impartiality means readiness to treat lies and truth the same, to hold white as bad as black and black as good as white. I, on the contrary, believe that without integrity a man had much better not approach a problem at all.”  – Orde Charles Wingate

No words to add – this is just perfect.


“I think that the dialogue between police officers and the black community has to get better, but not better in a way where, ‘Oh, let’s talk about it when something horrible happens.’ The dialogue has to be going on consistently, every day.” – Antoine Fuqua

Nothing is achieved through peak moments; not peace, and not faith. Consistency is key.


“Everything in Formula 1 has been sterilised now, the whole thing is controlled too much.” – Nigel Mansell

Richard Bach once observed that organization can ruin anything; when I look at the state of the American church, I have to agree. It’s far less about God than it is about legalism, and we are all the poorer.