This is a wonderful way to literally start one’s day with grace, and many thanks to marie gregg for allowing me to reblog her review!

(And please pardon my recent absence from this site…been a bit ill.)

Along the Way


Gentle Reader,

Paul David Tripp and I would have a lively debate over the Doctrines of Grace if we were to ever meet, but I’ll recommend this book to anyone (Calvinist or not).

For years I’ve struggled to find a good devotional. So many are shallow and sappy. While I don’t necessarily want an in-depth study with my breakfast (my brain’s not awake yet) I do want something meaty. Something I can chew on all day. Something that moves me to reflect on God and His goodness. This book does just that.

Each entry begins with a “Gospel tweet,” a one or two sentence declaration that immediately puts the reader’s focus on Christ. Tripp then launches into a reflection on God’s grace and the innumerable ways it impacts and shapes our lives. Sometimes he tells a personal story, sometimes he shares a few lines of poetry, other times it’s a…

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