“You must lose everything in order to gain everything.” – Brad Pitt

Yesterday Angelina Jolie had her say; today it’s Brad.

And he’s right. There’s an old Irish story of a chieftain who, as he lay dying, grabbed a handful of auld Irish sod.

When he got to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter told him, “You’re welcome, but whatever is in your hand…you’ll have to leave it behind. You can’t bring it in.

And so the chieftain, stubborn and upset, turned his back on Heaven and sat down.

“I can wait forever,” he thought, and held to his last bit of Home as the newly dead and eternally living filed by.

Finally, he could stand it no more, and rose to his feet,. Walking to St. Peter, he said, “I’m ready. Breaks me heart, boyo, but here goes.”

And he dropped the fragments of the auld sod on the ground.

St. Peter swung open the gates, wearing a huge grin, and bade the chieftain forward.

And where do you suppose our hero found himself? And might he not have been standing amongst the familiar trees and hills of his beloved Ireland?

And wouldn’t I be telling, if I said that’s exactly what happened?