“Everyone responds to kindness.” – Richard Gere

Do you take the time to be intentionally kind to your spouse?

The honest answer is often not the one we’d like to admit – the dynamics of a shared life can easily turn the basic ‘tone’ into one of competition – elevating ourselves by diminishing our spouse, with small, cutting remarks, or simply by withholding praise and kindness where it might be given.

“But I have rights, I have needs, and they’re not being met!

Yes. You have rights, and you have needs, but the right to have your needs met is not a promise you received on your wedding day.

You were promised to be loved, honored, and cherished, and to do the same in return.

Love calls for kindness, because how can we be unkind and call it love?

Honor calls for kindness, because to honor a person is to celebrate that spark of God in their soul…and would we be unkind to God?

And to cherish is to value, and how better to express the extent to which we value or mate, than through a kind heart and loving touch?

Kindness matters.