“I think that the good and the great are separated only by the willingness to sacrifice.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, retired NBA player

An OK marriage in’t hard to do, if you’re adaptable. just stay out of each others’ way, smile a lot, and don’t take offense. You can live for decades like that. It’s not something to be despised, either. There’s the old saying that “good enough isn’t“, but sometimes good enough is.

But a great marriage calls for more. It mans that your marriage has to come first (after the Almighty, of course)…and that can require stepping away from old friends, dropping time-consuming hobbies, and even adjusting your diet.

Yes, diet. I used to have a “training-table” dinner that used a lot of brewer’s yeast…until my wife said she couldn’t stand the smell.

She said I could make it and eat it outside.

I thought about it, yes, and let it go. eating with my wife was more important.

But I did like the taste, and still miss it.