“God is subtle, but He is never malicious.” – Albert Einstein

There are always “those days”. Days when you bend to pick up something you’ve dropped,and the wind keeps blowing it out of reach. Days when everything you put up falls, and it seems to happen according to a cruelly divine will.

Marriages have days, week,s and seasons like that, too. Times when nothing seems to go right, when every sentence seems to be the springboard for misunderstanding.

It can be tempting to ask God Why…why is this happening, and, sometimes, Why did I marry this person?

I sought your guidance, Lord…and now my mate will barely say a civil word…Why?

There’s subtlety at work…the subtlety in hard places that calls us to learn our way in the dark.

It’s not done maliciously, to cause us pain. God hates our pain even more than we do, but He loves and wants our company even more.

And sometimes, pain is the only way we can learn to be, just a little more, like Him.