“Gossip is the Devil’s radio.” – George Harrison

We know we’re not supposed to gossip about friends, neighbors, co-workers…but how about our spouse?

It’s easy to do, when you have a sympathetic ear and things aren’t going well at home. You want to unburden to someone…and so you talk about your mate, when he or she isn’t there with the chance for self-defense.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve done it.

It’s a failure of the promise made on the wedding day, to present a united front. “What God has put together, let no man tear asunder.”

It’s easiest to tear it asunder from the inside. It’s the easiest place from which to manufacture a role both heroic and having a whiff of martyrdom for oneself, and putting one’s spouse down in comparison.

It’s easiest to invite a few friends over to tear it asunder. Let them know how much you;re suffering, and they’ll be glad to help throw rocks at the image of your mate. And they’ll feel noble in standing up for you.

It’s also an abuse of friendship, because it forces one’s pals into making a judgement without all the facts. They’re crash-test dummies, locked into the car with you while you hit the wall of betrayal…yes, betrayal…head on.

The only circumstance under which you can speak negatively about your mate is when talking – professionally – to a pastor or counselor.

Never to a friend, a sibling, or a parent, because when you do, you’re tuning the Devil’s radio.