“A man who has been in danger, when he is out of it he forgets his fears, and sometimes he forgets his promises.” – Euripides

In other words…security engenders carelessness.

Marriages are unique among close relationships in that they’re a choice. Parents and siblings – we’re stuck with them, and we have an implicit obligation to them. It’s almost impossible to step completely away.

A spouse is different. Marriage is a choice, and our society makes divorce an almost easier choice.

So sometimes we fear for our marriages. Every marriage has crises, and these crises will usually call up the question…”Will he or she leave me?”

So we change. We try to correct our perceived faults – usually errors of omission, in taking our mate for granted.

Then the crisis passes…and we take them for granted again.

The only sure way to get past this is through intentional accountability, explicitly stated.

It’s just five words.

“Please help me be better.”