“The world is a dangerous place to live in not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit by and let it happen.” – Albert Einstein

The world is your marriage’s worst enemy.

We’re bombarded by words and images that imply that we should never be completely happy with any aspect of our life – there is always something better and brighter, just around the curve of the horizon.

Something new.

The celebrities we venerate and make wealthy go from marriage to marriage, often without any apparent regret.

And then there’s pornography, which creates images in men’s minds that demean all women…and demean the relationship with ideas and desires that should never be acknowledged, much less acted on.

We do nothing…and the enemy can win.

Banish the lure of novelty by turning away from the bait that popular culture dangles. You won’t lose much if you turn off the TV.

You’ll gain a lot if you turn off the TV, and talk to one another.

This is the last of the 31 Days of Marriage Grace…or is it?

No, it’s not. I’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. This blog will go on.

Two blogs. Sheesh. I must be nuts. (If you haven’t seen it. please check out the new look of Blessed Are the Pure Of Heart.)