“Without purpose, man is like an egg without its filling. Like that shell, he will crumble under the slightest pressure.” – John Dramesi

I think that one of the major reasons why around 50% of all marriages fail is that neither partner sees purposefulness in what they’re trying to do.

It’s not the picture of “two people looking outward together”; these are friends or colleagues.

The purpose in marriage has to be the marriage, and it has to come ahead of children, family, work, friends, and each partner’s personal agenda.

It’s not always romance and adventure, no matter what Hollywood may say. It’s kind of like war; a lot of boredom, some good, satisfying fun, and some periods of extreme terror.

Still, there is something worthwhile in being together, in forming a functional unit, but it takes work, it takes practice, and it takes recurrent study. Doing these things – that is acting on one’s purpose in life.