“God created man, and then corrected that mistake.” – bumper sticker often seen in the 60s

God, making a mistake?

Well, you can read it that way. he created the world and everything in it, and then made Adam…and found (not doubt to His amazement) that Adam needed something more. A companion of his own kind, but different.

Was this the first crack in the facade, the first inkling of the Fall, that God wasn’t enough for the unfallen man?

Nope. It was a mirror; God created Man out of His own need…to have someone to talk with, I suppose. He gave free will because it’s boring to talk with a robot, and he intended for us to be on His level, fit companions for eternity.

So it should not have surprised Him that His creation would have a similar need.

Someone to talk to.

God meant us,men and women, to be together. But he had to give it some thought, first.