“The primary duty of a warship is to stay afloat.” – Alfred von Tirpitz

Same with marriages, really (except where abuse is present!).

When we marry, we give ourselves over, not to our spouse, but to something larger…the union. “The two shall be as one.

That union is important to the Almighty. We’re to walk away from our original families for it. We’re to put our marriage on a step just a little bit below God, the marriage is a sacramental relationship – it is “like” our relationship with God, in miniature.

So…when things are dry and dull, or stuffy and frustrating…keep the thing afloat. Better times will come, and until they do, chalk up your efforts to preserving the union.

(As mentioned above, this does not apply in the presence of abuse. That’s a valid reason to get out, and quickly.)